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The Practical Coffee Table

A quality coffee table is a beautiful, practical and underappreciated piece of furniture for any home. The beauty of any quality made piece of furniture is important but there is always a practical function to be taking into consideration. A coffee table is no different. Deciding on a coffee table for your home based solely on the look of the piece can cause future headaches. Asking yourself the following questions will help you avoid these pitfalls. What is the main purpose of the room the table will be in? What life style does the household have? Lastly, What size do you need?

It is important to keep the main purpose of the room in mind.  A coffee table placed in a room that is a dedicated library or den will need a spot for favorite books. If the room is a place where guests will be entertained a piece that can accommodate a tea or coffee set is always a lovely option. A household that includes a game room will need a technology friendly table station for electronic game devices.  A hobby room should a coffee table with built in storage.

The lifestyle of the household is an important point to be looked at when choosing the perfect coffee table. A pet friendly home may want to consider a table that has closed in drawers and cabinets. This will help prevent personal items being knocked over by accident. Children of all ages should be taking into consideration but especially young ones. In this case, a round coffee table may be the optimal style.

The size and weight of the table needs to be taken heavily into consideration before bringing home a new coffee table. How will the piece be physically moved into the house? Also, the basic question of will it fit should be answered before the purchase is finalized. Always know the maximum and minimum dimensions of the space you would like to put the table in before you start looking for a coffee table. Does the room have carpet that requires vacuuming? If so a heavy table may not be the best choice for your house. This will narrow the options of coffee tables down and prevent the headache of bringing home a fabulous piece that does not fit or cannot be easily maneuvered when necessary.

The beauty of any piece should be taking into consideration after the practical use of the table is looked at carefully. What is the purpose of the room? What is your household’s lifestyle like? What are the dimensions of the table that will fit in the room? Knowing the answers to these questions will create a calmer atmosphere when choosing an important and useful piece of furniture.







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Planning Your Master Bedroom!

The Master bedroom regardless of style and home decor preference needs to have certain key elements to ensure that your room stands out!

Know where you are going to put your bed first. As with real estate it is all about the location. Start by taping out the shape and size of the bed on the floor. By using this technique a few problems are solved.  This will tell you if your bed will fit in the desired location. In addition, if the other bedroom pieces will be suitable size wise. Another bit of information that this process gives you is how much space you have to physically maneuver in your master bedroom.

A small place to sit in a master bedroom is a fabulous component that adds practicality and class to any bedroom. A sitting option allows for a place to read in the comfort of your room, have a cup of tea in the morning, and many other activities depending on your choice of chairs.

It’s all about the lighting! Many people pay attention first to electric lights in a room. The first focus when lighting is considered should be the natural light. How much sunlight will be coming into the room and what will the sun touch? Knowing these details will help decide where furniture and accessories are positioned.  Placing a chair in a location that sunlight rests on for long periods of time can cause fading. The other question to ask is when will the sunlight enter the room? Understanding this will help decide where to place the bed in accordance with your sleep habits.

Having tasteful storage in your Master bedroom is a practical and important detail that needs to be considered during the planning stages. Take into consideration that some of your storage options can be combined with the other pieces in the room. If having a great deal of out of the way storage is important then pick accessories pieces that have storage options included. These choice could include a bed with drawers underneath, a bench with a shelf, or a entertainment center with a bookcase included.  Then add small baskets, or a minimalist bookcase for personal decor.

A beautiful and practical Master Bedroom is a lovely space in any home. A place to end your day in comfort and peace.


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Minimalist Home Decor

Minimalist home design uses open space, simple designs, and natural forms. People who enjoy this style keep the accessories and the patterns to minimum. Having this style in your home is all about keeping things simple! Although many people feel that this style means a cold home but this is not the case. It is possible to keep the cozy home feeling with a minimalist style.

The Millennia Sofa is a wonderful example of a warm but minimalist sofa. The sleek and simple lines keep the look classic, clean and modern. The warm natural tones to the fabric add the warm welcoming cozy feel without creating clutter. This sofa allows for comfortable seating that many other minimalist pieces do not offer because of the  high density foam.

A comfortable but Minimalist style in the bedroom is quite easy to achieve. Start with a natural wood bedroom suite that has contemporary lines. Allowing for an open feel and still achieving a warm organized room is possible by choosing dressers that simple handles and nobs. Choosing a two color tone bedspread with a extremely limited pattern creates the minimalist but comfortable feel that is always desired in a bedroom.



An office kept in a minimalist style exudes professionalism. It portrays a clean, modern, and organized atmosphere. A minimalist office space does not mean that a person would have to forgo organization. Allowing for a streamlined wooden bookcases and desk with simple metal pulleys and nobs would create an organized minimalist office design.

A minimalist style does not mean a home must go without personality, warmth, charm or quality. With the right style furniture and a few personal touches that affect can be created in any space.

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Apartment Friendly Furniture!

Living in an apartment does not require a person to give up style or taste in their home decor. Although, certain styles of furniture do suit apartment living better then others. The best types of furniture for apartment living are easy to move, multi functioning, free standing, and high quality.


One style couch that is very apartment friendly is the futon. A quality futon, is a wonderful addition to any apartment. Futons can be found in traditional and contemporary styles that fit any person’s aesthetics. Futons are lighter weight so they are easy to move. The newer high quality futons are not only extremely comfortable as a bed but easy to maneuver from couch to bed. Many futons are now designed with drawers at the bottom, which is a lovely option, as it adds organizational space.

A free standing kitchen island is a wonderful fit into any apartments. The size and weight allows for easy movement and fits into small spaces. The multi function of these pieces allow for more storage space and a convenient place for eating meals. The islands can also double as a work space or be used for the traditional purpose of extra space for preparing meals. High quality kitchen islands are long lasting and can be used in many ways that they are a perfect must have piece for apartment living.

A draw back to apartment living many times is the lack of closet space. A platform bed is a great way to increase storage space in the bedroom. This style of high quality beds allow for more space to store clothes and other incidentals. Most platform beds do not require use of a box spring. Platform beds can be found in a variety of sizes from twin to king.


Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Apartments are a wonderful way to live for many people and having the right pieces of high quality furniture will make your apartment shine.

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Dexter Series Office Furniture Collection

The Dexter office series collection is a wonderful mixture of classic look and contemporary style. The clean lines and X-themed motif of the pieces are incorporated with a minimalist style that allows for a home office without utilizing large amounts of space. The style has an “open feel” without being fragile.

The unique bonus the Dexter series has is the vast array of styling options. The compact size of the series means that these fabulous pieces can be added into a full size office or a part of joint use room. The cabinet can be stained in the back for mid room placement. The bench offers a duel purpose of a place for people to sit and underneath storage. In addition, The cushions are available in high quality fabric and a variety of color choices.


The Dexter series also offers hardware options such as drawer locks. While the drawer locks are secure they are also made to be discrete and not take away from the over all look of the set. The hardware options are offered in wood or metal to suite any taste and over style needed.


The solid build of the Dexter office suite is (as with all our pieces) impeccable. They are made too last and should be considered a long term investment. The versatility of the suite allows for it to complement any home decor style and will blend seamlessly with any change made over the time that you own it.

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What Sofa Style should you get?

Shopping for a sofa can be an overwhelming task. Starting with the basics can simplify the process greatly and make the search enjoyable.

What basic style do you need? Do you want a traditional sofa, futon, or sleeper sofa? This is the first choice that needs to be made. This question can be decided by asking yourself a few simple questions.What is your life style like? Do you have a big or small family? Do people visit you often? What is the main purpose of the room the sofa will be in? Do you allow pets on the furniture? If you have a small family and few guests then a traditional sofa may be a good choice. If you have guests in and out but no guest room then a sleeper sofa may be just what you need. Is the main purpose of the room a T.V/ family room? Then a sofa with recliner seats for long marathon family nights would suit your needs.

Once the style has been determined the desired fabric choice can be made. (Again by asking the same questions.) If the sofa’s main purpose is to have a place for guest to sleep then a soft upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain may be the best choice? Are you a pet friendly home and the “fur babies” allowed on the sofa? In this case, then making sure the piece is extremely durable and fur can easily be removed.

What other pieces will be in the room? Do you already have a coffee table, end table, a favorite lamp you can not part with? Will the piece fit in with what you already have? As always take measurements and draw a rough diagram out. A furniture buying hack is buy colored tape and mark out the dimensions of the furniture you would like to purchase. Can you fit the new sofa in there comfortably?

As always purchasing a new sofa should be enjoyable but starting with the practical is always a smart idea. In addition, our customer service team is always here to help and answer any questions you may have.  CONTACT US!

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The “Kid’s Table”

The season of entertaining guests in our homes is upon us. A small but important part of having guests at your table for a communal meal is creating a beautiful but practical table. When children are included in the meal a different approach needs to be taken.  If you are hosting a party in which children will be attending having child friendly place settings is extremely important.


Using  simple and inexpensive toys to can create a lovely table has the added benefit of giving the youngsters something to do at the table. The toy can also have be personalized with a name to be used as a name plate. Adding group games on the table allows the kids something to do if there is any wait time. (tic tac toe, trivia, coloring pages with crayons, and other small non electronic games)


Keep the table disposable. Use  a nice paper table cloth, plastic cups and cutlery. When all the little ones are done eating you should be able to “roll” up the tablecloth and throw it all away. Kids are messy and using things that can be thrown away after the  meal makes clean up and stress more manageable.

Accessories For Outdoor Dining

Let the parents serve the children first.  This is easier if the dinner is done family or buffet style. Make an announcement that “we are going to let parents get their children set up first.” This will allow the kids to get their food with out as much fuss and then parents can (hopefully) enjoy their meal. If possible it is always an option to feed the children from start to finish and then have the adult meals while the kids watch a movie or play in the other room.


Entertaining guests with children can be stressful. Keep it simple and fun.


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Baking Hacks We All Need to Know!

The smell of home baked goods are in the air. Baking can be time consuming and overwhelming; whether you are making treats for the office, classroom, parties, or as a gift.  Many people have a wide variety of baking recipes in their arsenal that can be whipped up with ease. Others have one go to recipe they use for all holiday baking. Either way with a few simple “baking hacks” the  process can be a little less overwhelming.


Muffin pans are useful for a variety of purposes. Using muffin pans to bake sweets other then muffins is becoming more common. Cookies baked in muffin tins create a wonderful round cookie. This makes the cookies easier to decorate and pack. In addition, the cookies will not spread out too thin creating a thick fluffy cookie. Using muffin pans to bake brownies is a wonderful technique. It creates brownie “muffins” which are easier to serve, decorate, and store.



Baking in large batches and freezing is time saving process that can be quite useful during the holiday seasons.  There are a two main ways this can be done. The first is create the baked goods and save them not decorated. Put the baked goods -cooled down in freezer bags- on cookie sheet. Decorate as needed. The second way to use your freezer for baking is to create the batter and freeze in ziplock bags. Take out the frozen batter – cookies, cakes, quick breads, or muffins- and allow to defrost at room temp. This baking hacks allows for less space used in your freezer and the ability to bake goods as needed throughout the season.


One of the most important tips for baking over the Holidays is do not over complicate things. The holiday seasons from October through the New Year is a busy and many times overwhelming. Keep things simple. The thought behind the baked good can be just as sweet.


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Rough-Sawn Elegance Bedroom Suite!

Our new line of rustic bedroom furniture is the perfect balance of rustic with a contemporary feel. Sleek contemporary lines with the natural texture of the Rough-Sawn wood. While the wood has a “rough” look it has a smooth feel and a sophisticated look that sits well with any home style.


Our new Rough-Sawn bedroom suites have all of the traditional workmanship of the Amish craftsman with a new twist on the rustic look: dovetailed joints, sturdy construction,  and kiln dried hard wood. As always there are choices of stain, storage rails, and drawer slides.


The Rough-Sawn bedroom series offers a circular-sawn construction which provides a unique and fabulous texture. This series shows deep recessed panels, block posts, and flush mounted drawers. The interesting texture brings out the color of the stain in a unique way that is not seen in other styles of furniture.


In addition, the complementary furniture pieces bring the entire room together. The dressers, night stands, and chests create an entire look and feel. The only thing that would need to be added would be your own personal touch!



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Accent Walls!

An accent wall, traditionally, is one wall in a room that is a different color form the other three. The purpose of an accent wall is to  add some creativity to a room. An accent wall in the beginning was simply painted a different color. This technique added some “pop” to a room. Recent creative ideas have made it so an accent wall is a wonderful way to had some personality to a room!



Wood or stone accent walls add a neutral color to a room with a bit of texture. The difficulty is that wood and stone walls can be expensive and difficult to implement. One way to have the look of wood or stone  is “faux” wood or stone. Many home remodeling stores offer a variety of styles. The lovely incentive to the “faux” textures they can be changed with ease.


Painting an accent wall is still a wonderful technique that can creatively add distinct style to your room. Ramp it up using more then one color. A design as simple as stripes or sponge painting a texture on your wall of choice can bring the entire room together.


Unconventional materials can become a wow factor if done correctly. Fabric, floor tiles, wood pallets, maps, or book covers. Find something that is distinct to your lifestyle and incorporate it onto an accent wall. This wall break up the monotony of a room and add personality and style to any home.


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