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Unique Uses for Cast Iron Pans

Cast iron pans are a long standing tradition in many kitchens. Cooking with them is a technique that is passed down through the generations.  This style of pans have a unique history and a long standing fandom of there own. Cast cookery can be used for more then cooking. They have a distinct flavor that can be used in home decor.

Everything I Know About Cooking I Learned from a Cast Iron Pan

Even if you are not a regular user of cast iron having a few good pieces for a few favorite recipes is always a good thing. The secondary use for these classic pieces is that they can be used as a display when not in use. In addition, special handle covers can be made or bought to add personalized touch to the cast iron without running the functionality of it.

Cast Iron is durable but it still can crack. So what do you do with the odd broken piece that can not be fixed or used to cook with? Cast Iron comes in many different sizes and can be made into unique photo frames.  They can be easily hung with decorative hooks. Another item that can be displayed in a cast iron pan are recipes. Do you have a special recipe that has been handed down through the generations? A favorite cookie recipe at holiday time? Print or hand write the recipe on a nice piece of paper and glue to the bottom of the pan. If you have a knack for painting decorate you cast iron piece with a unique painting of your own.

A deep dish cast pot “cauldron style” can be used as a decorative piece throughout the home and onto the porch. The sturdiness of the pot makes expands the length decor will survive in an active household.  The classic look of the pot means that the decor put can be changes easily with the seasons. A long griddle that can not be used as a griddle can be changes into a chalkboard with a little bit of chalkboard paint. With a little creativity the length of the griddles can be turned into wonderful family calendars.


Cast iron cookery is a wonderful medium that with a little creativity can be used outside of the kitchen all year round.



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Gourd Decoration Ideas

Decorating dry gourds is an easy and interesting DIY. Depending on your skill level and space the gourds can be grown yourself or bought. Either way with a little time and imagination a gourd can be created into a lovely piece.


A Gourd Bird House is one of the most popular gourd DIY’s. Allow the shape and size of the gourd you have to inspire the way you decorate it. Place the 2 inch opening for your bird friends to be able to enter. If the birdhouse is going to functionally an outdoor paint should be used with a clear polyurethane at the end.



Gourds can be made into simple fall porch decorations. Arranging flowers with dried gourds and other fall decorations is a  simple and inexpensive way to decorate your porch or home for the fall.

Small gourds dried out can be made into lovely lanterns. Christmas tree lights with small gourds over them can be made into lovely hanging  lanterns. A gourd can also be decorated with hole cut at the bottom. Add an electric tea candle and you have created a lovely table lantern.


Gourd Lantern – From Tilting At Windmills Blog


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End of Summer Clean Out!

Everyone knows about spring cleaning but end of summer cleaning is an important task too. The summer is over and school is getting ready to start. It is a wonderful transition time to do a “quick” over all of you home.


1} Start with you closet. It is a pretty basic idea but a very important one. Divide everyone’s clothes into three piles – Storage, donate, and throw away. Clothes you are still using but will eventually store for the summer can go last. Clothes you no longer wear and will not last another season need to be either donated or thrown away. Slimming out the closet will make space in your home and is a wonderful way to cut down on clutter quickly.


2} Do a deep clean on the floors and walls. Move the furniture, take the photos down, and take everything out of the cupboards. Performing a deep on walls and floors and the corners of your home freshens up your living space. In addition, when the cold weather kicks in and the family is kept inside more it will help keep the cabin fever to a minimum.


3} Start washing your winter bedding and clothes. Take out all your heavy blankets, coats, clothes, hats, gloves etc and wash them now. This way they have a chance to air out. In addition, it will be warm enough (if you have space) to line dry the items.


The key is being prepared and not waiting until the last minute. Unfortunately, Winter comes faster then we like and stays longer the many of us want.




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Cedar Adirondack Furniture

If you have an outdoor space that you are trying to finish up in a nice way, you need to find some furniture that will help you set that space up for relaxing and for entertaining. It is important for you to find furniture that will transform the space and that will make that space useful. When you choose cedar Adirondack outdoor furniture for your outdoor space, you will make that space into something special. There are all kinds of furniture options out there for you, and you can find furniture that seems to fit with your yard and with the look that you would like for it to have.

Hearthside Adirondack Log Chair Set
Adirondack style furniture is something that screams summer. It is something that is featured in pictures that represent summer and it is something that is put to use often when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Your yard is a space that you are putting together for the summertime. Your outdoor space is a space that you would like to use in the summer, for relaxing and for entertaining. When you choose to add cedar Adirondack outdoor furniture to your yard, you help to make that space ready for summer – both in appearance and in convenience.

Cedar Grove A-Frame Family Swing
There is something special about Adirondack style furniture, especially that furniture that is Amish made. Adirondack style furniture is inspired by the Adirondack mountains, and it has a look that is all its own. If you are looking to do something different with your yard or patio, you will find that Amish made Adirondack furniture can provide you with just what you want. You can make your yard stand out and you can make it beautiful through the help of such furniture and the look that it brings about.

Hearthside Log Flower Bed
Cedar is a great choice when it comes to the constructing of furniture, and the cedar Adirondack outdoor furniture that you pick out will change up your yard in a good way. Your furniture will stay strong when it is built of cedar, and it will last through the years. Cedar furniture offers a beauty that is different from other furniture and it is sturdy and ready for use. The Amish made cedar furniture that you choose for your yard will have been put together in way that makes it ready to weather all that comes at it when it is placed outdoors.

Hearthside Log Loveseat
You would like to make your yard into something that is truly beautiful and special. There are a variety of things that you can do in order to change up that yard. When you pick out cedar Adirondack outdoor furniture, you choose items that are going to bring about a good look for your outdoor space. Choose furniture that fits with who you are and that fits with the needs that you have in regard to your outdoor space. Choose all of the furniture that you need in order to keep your family comfortable and in order to give you help when you entertain guests.

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Fireplace Options

Having a fireplace in your home is a wonderful luxury many people desire but can not have. Choosing an entertainment center with a fire place option is a convenient way to have a fireplace in your home without all the fuss on muss of installing a permanent one in your home.

Burton Hill Large Entertainment Console (with Fireplace Option)

The electric fireplaces in our entertainment centers give the classic look and heat of a fireplace without the inconvenience of a traditional wood burning fireplace. A traditional wood burning fireplace whether built in or free standing is a permanent item in your home that can not be moved once installed. An entertainment center with a fireplace option can not only be moved to different rooms with in your home in can be relocated to a entirely new home!

Beringer 58"W x 75"H Raised-Panel Fireplace Entertainment Center

An simply there is no need for wood burning with an electric fireplace insert. This type of fireplace takes out the cutting and maintain of the wood logs. There is no need to buy or cut wood.

Buckingham Entertainment Center with Fireplace

Entertainment centers with a fireplace option are more child and pet friendly than traditional fireplaces. Electric fireplaces take out the fear of our little loved ones getting burned or inhaling smoke.

Burton Hill Entertainment Console (with Fireplace Option)

Choosing an entertainment center with a fireplace option is a wonderful addition to any home. Whether a traditional home, apartment, or cabin in the woods these pieces can be adapted to suit your home and style.


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Home Decorating Tips for Pet Owners

When decorating your home it is easy to forget furry family members. Keeping pets in mind in the beginning stages of decorating your home is really important to be able to balance function and beauty.


When buying furniture for your home consider buying an extra cushion. This will provide a pet bed that matches your home decor. The same can be done if you are having furniture reupholstered.


Consider having a pet gate custom made. Having a custom made pet gate is a simple way to pet proof your home without losing your style. By having the pet gates made you can control the style, size, and decor. The choice of materials can be handpicked to match your home.

Photo: Robyn Rigby Fisher Design

Have a pet food station. While most pets are not picky what their food is put into having a pet food station can be designed to suit your home and your pets.


Pets are an important part of our lives. Finding ways to keep them comfortable and our homes stylish can be tricky. With a little creativity an pre-planning it is definitely doable.

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Lift Top Coffee Tables

Lift top coffee tables are a unique piece of furniture that offer the perfect combination of style and function. Theses handcrafted pieces fit into many different room sizes with ease and provide the owner with a functional yet beautiful piece of furniture that will last.

Reseda Lift-Top Coffee Table

If space is at a premium in your home the lift top coffee table style is a wonderful option. One of the uses for this coffee table is a hide away work space. Having a separate office is not an option in every home. This table offers a convenient and stylish way to have a small work space that can be put away when not in use.

Mariposa Lift-Top Coffee Table


In addition, This table takes away from the need to have T.V. trays. Occasionally, we all like to have a dinner in front of the T.V. This table allows for this with the need for stands that need to be brought out with every use and then stored when done.

Boulder Creek Lift-Top Coffee Table Cabinet

This provides a hiding space from little fingers. We all need a spot to hide the remote, the book we do not want to lose our place in, the on going project we work on through out the week. We need a place to protect these things from children’s naturally curious nature. The lift top table allows this.

Kirby Lane Top Square Coffee Table

Our tables have many different style, stains, and options that make it easy to fins the right lift top table for you.



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How to display your summer photos!

Summer time is a wonderful time for having fun and taking photos. The question is how to display all the photos in your home in a thoughtful and interesting way. There are many interesting and simple ways to accomplish this task.


Use old vintage windows. Old windows are an interesting and simple way to display photos. Take a vintage style window with separate window panes and place the photos in the individual pane of glass. Take a long window with the separate window panes and turn it long wise and hang on the wall. Place the photos inside the separate window panes and for an added advantage put hooks at the bottom to hang bags purses etc.

13 Fun DIY Projects to Make with Old Windows

In addition, using interesting and unique items for a display stand is another option. A step ladder is one choice Pace the step ladder in the corner of a room and put the photos in eclectic frames on the steps. In addition, you can add memory items along with the photos to add flair. A memory item could be the little trinket you picked up at a souvenir shop or a pamphlet from the museum you visited.

Interesting clips can make a photo display interesting and functional. Laundry clips, binder clips decorated, interesting push pins, etc are just some of the ways to hang photos. The key as always is be creative!


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Tips and Hints for Choosing the Right Curtains

When you are looking to change up the home decor in the place where you are living, when you want to make your home different by adding new pieces to it and by changing up its style, you will find that curtains are one thing that can change the whole look of your home in a big way. There are tips and hints that can help you find the right curtains for your home, and when you know what you need to find, then you know what you need to buy. When you find the right curtains, you can transform your entire home.


When you are picking out the curtains that you will use in your home, you want those curtains to add to the space that they are in and you want them to speak of your personal style tastes. Choose the curtains that are colored in a way that you like, choose those with a pattern that is fitting in regard to the style that you love. There are a variety of options out there, and you should be able to find a set of curtains that are pleasing to you in terms of style.


As you are choosing the curtains that you will hang in your home, you need to think about the purpose of those curtains. There are times when you want to have heavy curtains in place in order to keep light out and in order to give your home some privacy. There are times when you want the curtains in your home to be airy and light. Make sure that you consider the material of the curtains in order to find those right for your needs.


When you are picking out the curtains that you will use in your home, consider the length that you would like for each window. For some spaces, curtains that hang down to the floor can look best. For other spaces, you might want just a valance on the window. Picture the room in which the curtains will be hung and consider how you would like the space to look. Think about the size options in regard to curtains and determine what works out the best.


As you are choosing the right curtains for your home, you want to know that those that you choose have been sewn well and that they are going to last. You do not want to choose curtains that you love only to have them unravel right away. You need to find curtains that are made of good material and that have been sewn together with care. Find those curtains that are going to last and that will look great in your home.
Finding the right curtains for your home is important, but you will find that the tips and hints shared above will help you to know just what you need to look for in the curtains that you choose.

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Interesting Coffee Cup Displays

Whether you drink a small cup in the morning or have a pot perpetually on; coffee cups are a home decor staple in most households. Coffee cups come in many different shapes and styles. Displaying them in unique ways that make the cups functional and stylish is actually a simple task.


Bring the cups out of the cupboard! Coffee cups can be shown off in many different ways. Use an open shelf or a cup rack on the wall. Find something that suits your personal style that can be created into a cup display. Vintage tins can be hung in the wall facing out to be used as a unique display for interesting coffee mugs. Mix and match cutlery can be bent o create interesting hooks to hang the cups on. Let your imagination go! Bring function and creativity together. Use out of the ordinary but simple displays!

The cups do not have to match. Your coffee mugs do not have to be “matchy”. Buy cups with complementary colors and designs. Have many different styles. Every person has a different type of cup they enjoy using for their hot beverage. Have a mix and match of sturdy, petite, classic, or unique. This way guests can choose a cup they are comfortable with.


Location is important. Find the best and most convenient place for your cups. Is it near the coffee maker or the sink. Do you have limited space or a wide open wall that needs the right thing to put on it. Will people be able to reach the cups comfortable? Is the place you want to use safe for little fingers?

Utilizing everyday functional items in a stylish way requires creativity and thought but it can be done.

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