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Choice, Excellent or Admirable: The Definition of Fine

When it comes to use of the word “Fine” there are a number of synonyms that come to mind, especially when we’re talking about objects: Beautiful, elegant, superior, handsome and fashionable are all great substitutes and they certainly help convey the magnificence of Cabinfield’s Fine Furniture segment.

Fine Dining

Most rooms in the your home endure a lot of wear and tear, especially a television room or kitchen. They are the natural gathering spaces, and see more traffic that any other space in your home, save for the hallways.

Adding to the allure of your home, and the space within, can be accomplished in a single room: The Dining Room. A place long reserved for entertaining, holidays and sit & slow down meals can be transformed into not only a beautiful space, but a functional and durable one.

Our handcrafted Amish Fine Furniture can set your house apart by applying a one of a kind decorating opportunity that lasts a lifetime. Each piece is created by hand, with care and attention to detail, in your choice of materials, stains and even hardware!

Even if your home does not include a formal dining room, Cabinfield has traditional Amish breakfast nooks available in numerous sizes, allowing you to turn a corner of your home into a cozy entertainment space for meals, board games, or simple drinks and appetizers with friends.

Cabinfield provides an array of fine furniture that is suitable for every home, no matter the size, allowing each piece in your space to be as unique and beautiful as you are.


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Getting Your Yard Ready for Memorial Day!

It is that time of year again. Memorial Day is upon us, and it is time to do more than take Monday off work, but to remember those who were lost as they defended the United States in her Armed Forces.

In doing so, citizens of the United States have long celebrated our heroes’ honors by traveling to be with family and friends, to enjoy a long weekend outside, stoking the grill fire and catching up on what is bound to be a glorious summer. The kids are soon going to be out of school, and you are bound to host more than your share of barbecues along the way, so let’s get ready!

Clean, Prune and Weed

The first in many tasks to get your yard, porches and decks ready for summer’s guests is to clean, prune and weed your way to a clutterless yard!

Look for any opportunity to trash a dead plant, or replant one that needs more room, simply to clean up your environment without paying a dime for an upgrade. Take a look at your gardens and landscape, and see what can go – whether it is weeds, longer grass or even poisonous plants (like poison ivy or poison oak), that may harm guests.

Water Pressure, Paint or Stain

If your outdoor area could use a face lift in a hurry, never underestimate the power of water! Power washers can be purchased, rented or even borrowed from friends, while supplying you with an amazingly clean deck, porch or even driveway that can be transformed into an entertainment area.

If your deck or porch is ready for a new look altogether, consider staining the boards and painting the trim to add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space.

Something Old v. Something New

You would be amazed what a little repositioning of your current furniture can do! Move a couple of chairs around, add a new handing plant, or simply add patriotic pieces to your yard to increase your holiday awareness.

Memorial Day is a wonderful time to be thankful for all of our freedoms, and to enjoy them with the people we love! No matter how you plan to celebrate, do so with care and safe travels!

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Spruce Up Your Gardens with Ease!

Gardening is the one thing everyone looks forward to, especially after a long, cold winter. The difficulty can be, however, keeping up with the weeding, grooming and control of said gardens once they are are in full swing.

We understand that time is of the essence where gardening is concerned, which means you either have to nurture your new growth to ensure it stays healthy and alive, or you have to constantly contain your sprawling growth just to make sure your yard doesn’t look as though you have abandoned it. Here are a couple of quick solutions to help your garden remain on the beautiful path you intended!


If certain plants seem to grow quicker than you would like, smothering your more delicate items, consider placing them in planters to help contain their growth. This will allow you to place the plant or vegetable exactly where you want it, while supplying an accent to your garden at the same time!

No matter your personality, or landscape, there are a number of handcrafted designs that will allow your garden to sing on high!

When you need more than a planter, but a transport option that can double as a design piece, look no further than the exciting Wooden Express Wagon for all of your gardening needs.

Lighthouses & Nautical Items

There are few things as mystical and exciting as the sea, and the timeless stories that come from sailors throughout history. Whether you fancy the pirate side of life, or simply enjoy the exceptional depth of life on the sea, these exceptionally handcrafted nautical pieces allow you to take in the beauty from the comfort of your very own yard.

No matter the themes you love, or the existing decor in your home and yard, Cabinfield has handcrafted pieces that will fit your lifestyle perfectly.


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Send the Kids Outside!

These days, it may seem like a struggle to get your kids outside and away from their technological devices. With summer break on the way, kids across the country are going to have more free time than ever to enjoy life, so why not help them get a little sun on their faces while they enjoy the great outdoors?

The absorption of Vitamin D is good for the skin, good for the soul, and great for keeping your house clean! At Cabinfield, we are dedicated to keeping kids healthy and happy by providing safe and enjoyable, handcrafted playhouses, playsets and furnishings that will last and last – no matter which part of the country you live in.  Step inside, and take a look!


Who says playhouses can’t complement your yard, and existing landscape? These beautifully handcrafted playhouses not only provide a perfect getaway for your little ones, but deliver a beautiful addition to your yard!


Boys and girls alike enjoy the realistic appearance of our playhouses, and are easily convinced to enjoy their independence simply through ownership.


Playsets provide the luxury of activity and independence, getting your child outside and deliver a flurry of physical play at the same time!

Let your little one’s imagination set sail with the help of playsets that reflect their interests, whether it is a boat, plane or train, we have playsets of all sizes and styles to engage little minds for years to come!

Create your playset with the help of your child, and allow them to be part of the creative process!


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Want a Rustic, Picturesque Interior? We Can Help!

Rustic furniture and home accents can turn your home into a natural and awe-inspiring world of entertainment and comfort. The unique preparation of our handcrafted furniture provides an intimate design technique that allows you, and your home, to stand out as a one of kind space.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture

This beautiful collection allows you to add character to any room in your home by way of aged woods, including their natural patina.  These handcrafted items brilliantly display a natural, rustic look, while allowing you to personalize your space with different styles.

Cottage Chic Collection

Even if you don’t have a cottage, in the traditional sense – that sits high upon a mountain, or perfectly placed on a lake, it doesn’t mean that you cannot design you very own in the middle of the city you do live in. This exceptional collection bring coziness to life!

Turn any room in your home into the rustic getaway you have always wanted, and enjoy the relaxing style while still benefiting from the utilitarian make-up of each, individual piece. Numerous styles of handcrafted, ageless pieces are available for you to choose from, so take a look!

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Gazebos, Cabanas & Pavilions: OH MY!

If the changing weather provides any excitement, it is that we can all start spending a lot more time outside. The best way to do that is by adding a brilliant outdoor entertainment space that fits your needs perfectly!


Pine, Cedar and even Vinyl gazebos are available in a menagerie of styles and sizes that allow you to design the perfect outdoor escape. You can choose the size, material and even the accents simply by perusing the multitude of options available on our website!

You can even choose the type of roof, and whether or not to apply screens!


No matter what your outdoor space calls for, a Cabana is the perfect, multi-use addition for a pool house, sport changing room, or garden entertainment without the bugs! Each option is available with a wide variety of standard features, or you can build your own to suit your exquisite taste!


What’s better than adding a Pavilion to your outdoor entertaining options? Adding a Pavilion Style Outdoor Kitchen! This beautifully designed, and handcrafted kitchen provides you with the space you need to entertain, and the option of keeping your guests (and the mess!) outside!

No matter your outdoor style, Cabinfield has something for everyone and provides the unique ability to design the outdoor retreat you have always dreamed of, no matter how big or small your yard!

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If April Showers Bring May Flowers…

…What do May flowers bring? A beautiful outdoor landscape, to enjoy with friends, family and loved ones all summer long!

Readying your yard for outdoor social events can be the highlight of waving goodbye to old man winter (finally!). However,  figuring out exactly what you would like to do with that landscape can be exhausting. So, why not start out slowly and the let the yard take you in? Taking small bites out of your upgrades can help prioritize your to-do list. Here’s how:

Be Objective
You may certainly think that your deck, yard and lawn furniture should be replaced in their entirety, simply because starting anew is usually quicker than starting over. However, taking a look at your home and outdoor areas objectively can help you save money in the long run.

For instance, will a coat of stain brighten you deck and allow you to get a couple more years out of the current structure? Give it a try! There a numerous coatings and stains that will eliminate splinters, while updating your deck in no time.

The same goes for lawn furniture. Are you able to buy new cushions instead of replacing the entire outfit in one fell swoop? Will a tray of flowers your local hardware be enough to brighten your yard, or will you need bushes, trees and grass to create a whole new comfort?

Being objective, instead of wanting to recreate an entirely new outdoor area can help you move forward with ease. And when you are ready to move forward, we are here to help.

Adding Focal Pieces to Your Existing Outdoor Area

Plants, flowers and landscaping are easy ways to add allure to your outdoor areas quickly and effectively. But if you are looking to make a splash with your entertainment possibilities, a new outdoor pergola could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Available in sizes ranging from 8′x8′ to 12′x24′, there is a pergola for every outdoor space!

If you are looking for something to keep the kids busy while you entertain, consider a log playhouse that will add charm to your yard, while giving the kiddos a designated play area, keeping your grass and landscaping free from wear and tear!

This open-air, all-cedar playhouse is perfect for kids at play, or for setting up a kids table that allows the little ones their own space, while the adults enjoy theirs.

No matter your outdoor needs, look no further than Cabinfield to provide a fresh look and exceptional ideas!







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Pull Up a Chair

Remember when you bought your very first, brand new piece of furniture? The investment may have felt like a hefty one, but the satisfaction was enjoyed for years.

At Cabinfield, we have noticed that one great piece of furniture can highlight an entire room! Our handcrafted essential pieces, and some beautifully decorative ones (balance is key, right?), can help you transform a room simply by pulling up a chair.

Whether your room(s) call for a fine furniture touch, or a rustic application that inspires your creative side, a single chair can invite guests to stay and chat, or provide a focal point of beauty in a room you just do not have time to update.

This beautifully handcrafted swivel glider is available with a matching ottoman, or can come alone, turning any room into your favorite reading or television viewing area in an instant.

The Arts & Crafts Morris Chair provides perfect comfort, and a stylish return the exceptionally crafted Mission Style furniture era. This beautiful design is easy to incorporate into any room, without disrupting the existing decor.

The Amish McCoy Chair delivers sleek elegance, combined with a sturdy design contour that is perfect for home, office or even to anchor a bedroom.

With so many chairs, and whole furnishing options available, Cabinfield provides incredibly handcrafted quality that can be passed down through generations.



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New Patio Furniture is Closer than You Think!

Purchasing new patio furniture can seem like a daunting task. How much furniture do you need? Does all of it need replaced? Would a single table suffice? Before purchasing new patio or lawn furniture, ask yourself a series of questions to cut costs along the way.

First: How Much Furniture Do You Need?

The answer to this question will depend on your goal. Are you trying to fill a space that is completely devoid of furniture now? If so, take measurements of the space and keep them nearby while you are perusing new ideas. This will keep you from buying too little, or too much to fill the space.

Second: What is the Purpose of Your Purchase?

Are you creating an outdoor dining area for your family, friends and guests? If so, a rectangular (or circular) dining table and chairs could satisfy your goals effortlessly!

Is your purpose more casual, say to have coffee with a friend on a smaller deck of a condo or apartment? The beauty of the Chat Table Set can accomplish a new, beautiful handcrafted approach to small spaces while still providing comfort.

Finally, for those who are looking for the comfort and space to entertain, and provide room for friends, family and beyond for hours on end, you can choose outdoor living at its finest!

Step Three: Create a Budget & a Plan

Spending too much money at once, on anything, will create a quick case of buyer’s remorse. It is important to plan your outdoor spaces carefully, and with a budget, so you are satisfied with the end result.

Try purchasing new cushions first, if the furniture can make it through another season without being replaced. This will give you more time to save for the furniture that you really want, and that will last.

If a new umbrella can brighten up your space, or a new table – maybe something is a different shape than its existing counterpart – that will boost your entertainment quality, start there!

Finally, it is possible to replace your outdoor furniture one piece at a time. If it makes sense from a shipping cost standpoint, go ahead and plan your new outdoor look piece by piece. This approach will even allow you to mix and match, and create a personalized design scheme that you will love for years to come!

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Longing for Spring? Plan Ahead with Magnificent Garden Accents!

Although it seems as though Spring grows farther and farther away with every snowflake that continues to fall, the truth is, it really is coming!

With the highly anticipated season upon us, we are diligently planning for all of the yard work that lies ahead – longing for the moment we can adorn our gardening gloves and get to work.

To help appease our senses, while mother nature continues to postpone any possible greenery budding in the majority of the United States, we look to new lawn and garden accessories to heighten our excitement for Spring!

This beautiful 24″ planter is big enough to plant an array of flowers, or to post your favorite trees as bookends to a walkway. Available in a dozen different finishes, this planter creates the perfect bright spot at an entryway, porch or deck.

This exceptionally handcrafted wheelbarrow is available in several sizes and finishes, and can include a galvanized liner to keep your contents safe and sound as your gardening projects unfold. Should you prefer to use this design as a fixture for plants or ever-changing flower combinations, feel free to mix its use!

Available in stained, unstained or painted, this ornamental bench makes the perfect seat for a child or a beautiful display for pots, plants, vines and even garden statues!

Finally! The perfect garden accent has arrived, with utilitarian value! This magnificent garden basket is available stained, unstained or painted in several colors, and will brighten up your yard work immediately!

Allow us to help you get ready for Spring, starting now!

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