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Amish Life Hacks Everyone Can Use

Everyone at some point looks around their home and thinks “I need to simplify”. Simplifying your home can actually be done with ease if you take a few tips from the way the Amish live.


Ask yourself “Do I need it?”.  When cleaning out your kitchen or closet ask yourself do I even use it and do I have more then one item that does has the same function? If you are organizing your child’s room ask yourself “When was the last time they used this toy?”


Everything has a place. This is a simple and effective way to keep you counters and living space organized without giving yourself a headache. Designate a place for everything that is not in use. This practice will allow you to keep your living space clean and know where your items are  the next time you need them. (Baskets, containers, and other simple organizers are a perfect way to keep living spaces from becoming cluttered.)


Do you really need another gadget? Before investing in the newest gadget for your home ask yourself “Is this really going to save me time?”. Electronics are wonderful and enhance our lives in many ways. Sometimes though they can complicate your home more.




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How to make the most out of your small outdoor space!

The outdoors can be great for entertaining and for relaxing alone or with your family. The outdoors have much to offer in regard to getting away from the world. When your home has only a small outdoor space available to it, you need to find ways to make the most of that space. When your backyard is not as large as you would like for it to be and you are stuck with a small patio, you need to find ways to make the most of what you have and to fully enjoy the outdoor space that you have available.

Stone Creek Table and Chair Set


Choose a few simple pieces of outdoor furniture. One of the ways that you can keep your yard from feeling too small, one way of creating a practical small space, is through the help of simple furniture pieces. When you fill your yard with all kinds of furniture, when you put too much furniture in a small space, you will make it feel crowded and tight. Choose a few Amish made patio pieces that will give you the sitting space that you want without creating too much clutter. Use just a few pieces of furniture to finish your small space and to make it into all that you want it to be.Properly light the space. If you are looking to spend time outside after the world has gone dark, then you will find that proper lighting will help a small space to feel a little larger.

Adirondack Balcony Set

If you do not have good lighting in place, then darkness is going to cut off portions of your small space and you will be crowded in all the more. Make sure that you have good lighting set up, the kind of lighting that illuminates your whole patio, and then make the most of your space in the night and in the dark.Take good care of the space that you have and keep it looking nice. One of the ways that you can sort of make up for the fact that your yard is small is by caring for that yard in a perfect way. Choose to give your yard all of the best care and to treat it in the right way. Choose to do all that you can to keep your grass in good shape and to keep your furniture clean. A clean and tidy space is going to look better and feel better than a space that is in need of care, and a smaller space is easier to clean and take care of than a larger one is.

Lake Glen Bar Table and Chair Set
You deserve the best in regard to your life, your yard, and your home. When you make the most of the small outdoor space that you have, then you will be able to enjoy your life at home and your time outside. You deserve to have a yard that you love, and you will hvae that when you make the most of your small space and turn it into all that it should be.

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Why You Need a Dressing Table by your Entrance

Dressing tables are normally found in bedrooms and mostly used for makeup, jewelry, and getting ready to meet the day.  A dressing table placed near the entrance of your home can be quite useful.

42" Queen Anne 2-Drawer Dressing Table with Mirror and Stool

Place a decorative “comb holder” for family members to check their appearance before walking out the door. A bowl of handy wipes for last minute face cleaning.  Place bins underneath for kid’s backpacks.In addition, placing bowls or containers on the top is the perfect spot for car keys, cell phones, a purse and other things you need on your way out the door. Add a soft lamp to keep on during the night.


Store your seasonal out door necessities. In this location the drawers are a perfect place to store hats, gloves, and scarfs in the winter and your sunglasses and sunblock in the summer.

56" Deluxe Clock Base Dressing Table with Mirror and Stool

Do you have a pet friendly home? Store your pet’s leashes, treats, and other essentials for a walk in the deep drawers of a dressing table. Place your pet’s toy bin underneath for easy clean up.


With a little creativity a dressing table can be used for much more then their traditional purpose.



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Contemporary Patio Furniture for Small Spaces

A small patio or deck can still be quite useful and enjoyable with the right organization and pieces of furniture. A few tasteful touches can provide a lovely place to enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine at the end of the night.

Contemporary Square Table Dining Set

Contemporary chairs have a sleek and clean look that are perfect for getting the most use out of a small space while still providing comfort.  Choosing this style provides a wider range of uses due to the ease that they can be matched with other home decor.

Island Dining Set

Instead of a small patio table buy a small side table or end table that has drawers. This will allow you a spot to place things and provide storage for odds and ends that you would like to keep on the patio.

Country Classic Square Table

Use solar powered lights. The use of small solar powered lights cuts down on the need for cords and will allow for more space to enjoy. In addition, it provides for a softer ambiance that will make your deck more relaxing.



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Miramar Dining Room Set

The Miramar dining room set is the perfect table that will fit into many different homes. The table has a contemporary yet classic style with matching captain’s chairs.  The simple but sleek design will allow for people to “dress up” their space for any occasion but is still wonderful as a stand alone piece. The table is a great place for dinner with the family, coffee in the morning, or family game night.

miramar set

The table has the option to come with two different style and size leaves that can expand this elegant piece of furniture. In addition, this piece offers a “center-of-table extension lock” and a “fifth leg” for added durability. A self storage option is just one of the advantages that this piece has to offer.

miramar chair

The Captain’s chairs are sturdy and elegant with selections that will individualize your dining room table to the level that suits your home. The ability to choose an upholstered seat with a diverse selection of high quality fabrics should be the hardest choice you have to make with the lovely and classic dining room set.


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Adding Your Own Style to Your Office Without Overdoing It

If you are someone who has an office space that needs to be kept professional, then you probably wonder just how many personal touches you can add to that space without messing it up. If you have an office space that is public, a space where professionals come to talk with you, then you want to make that space your own without making it too unprofessional or sloppy. You would like to add personal touches to your office and you would like to bring about a nice style there, but you want to do that in a way that keeps things professional.

Spring Hill Series

Always keep your office decor simple. The key to keeping your space professional while still adding your personal style to the space is to keep things simple. Do not overdo it. Look for a few decorative items that you can add to your office and put them in place, but do not add a ton of decorations.

Eshton Suite 2

Add a few personal elements, such as a picture of your children or your pet, or a framed award that you have received, but don’t add too many of those kinds of pieces. Make the space your own, but do not do that in such a bold way that those visiting the space will feel as if they are in your home rather than your professional office. Keep things simple and clean, don’t overdo it.

Mission Office


Look for professional decor. When you are finishing up your office in a way that is stylish yet also professional, you want to find the kind of decor items that have a professional appearance. Do not fill your office with childish items or items that are too bold, colorful, or crazy. Choose items that are sleek and professional. Add your style to your office by finding items that have a clean and good look to them and putting them in that space. Choose to stick with professional decor, but still seek out the kind of decor that makes you happy.

4. Homestead Series

Relax as you figure things out. Don’t let yourself stress too much about what is and what is not appropriate when it comes to your office. Choose the kind of decor that you want for the space and try it out. Set up some of the items that you have chosen and see how they look in the space. Remember, you can always remove the decor that you add to your office, it is not permanent and you will not be stuck with it. Try things out and see how you feel about your space. If you office feels too unprofessional, then get rid of some of the items that you have set up. Enjoy yourself as you figure out just what is best for your space.
Having an office that is professional yet stylish is a goal that many have. You need to be able to find a balance when it comes to the decor that you use in your space.


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Amish Travel: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, PA is the oldest Amish Settlement in America. Lancaster has a wonderful combination of Amish and Modern activities. This variety offers people the ability to plan a vacation that suits their travel desires. In addition, There are many special activities that happen in Lancaster on a yearly basis.


Lancaster, PA is a widely popular travel destination. There is a wide variety of lodging choices in Lancaster; Everything from Camping, to farm B&B’s, motel’s, and cottages. The amenities run from the very rustic to the very luxurious. Be prepared to book ahead especially if there is an event happening during the time you are looking to travel.


If you want an authentic look at Amish life Lancaster, PA offer’s various farm tours, buggy rides, and fresh to farm restaurants. If you are not sure before you go what you would like to do ask the local chamber of commerce. They can offer you advice and possible brochures with contact information. Ask the people where you are staying if they have any suggestions? Sometimes the hotel offers discounts for activities to there customers. This will give you a glimpse  into Amish Life in a respectful manner.


In addition, Lancaster offers a wide variety of more traditional vacation activities. They have several theaters for people who like enjoy live performance art. Lancaster has a fabulous Hands on Children’s Museum along with various other Museum’s. If you would like a more active vacation Lancaster can provide that too with Amusement parks, zip lines, and miniature golf.


Lancaster, PA is a wonderful town that offers a wide variety of activities that can accommodate many different travel styles.



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Amish Bed and Breakfasts

If you would like to get a glimpse of Amish Life then find an Amish Bed and Breakfast. You can stay and live for a few days how the Amish actually live. Depending on how Amish you want to live you can do a little research and find Amish Beds and Breakfast with varying degrees of modern conveniences. Before you stay in an Amish bed and Breakfast do the research find out if this is a bed and breakfast, an Amish Working Farm, or a combination of both. This will make a huge difference in your travel experience.



A bed and breakfast in an Amish community will have different amenities. These are run by Non – Amish people in Amish communities.

amish community

A Farm stay is just what it sounds like. A stay on a working farm with a more traditional Amish experience. You stay and do actual work: Gather eggs, feed animals, and milk cows.


Some farm stays also have Bed and Breakfast amenities with meals, electricity, and tours included. If you would like to have an Amish vacation remember to plan ahead. These types of vacations are incredibly popular; so book ahead. Ask questions and have fun.






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Classic Amish Woodworking Techniques

Amish people are know for their quilts and woodworking. Handmade Amish wood pieces range from toys to barns. What sets Amish woodworking apart from other woodworking is the techniques they use. These  styles are how a person can tell if a piece is genuinely Amish.


Dovetail Joints:  This joint is commonly used on drawers and cabinets. Two pieces of wood are interlocked together creating a solid joint that look like “dovetails”.


Tongue and Groove Joints: The tongue and groove technique is used mainly on flooring. it fits two pieces of wood together without the use of use. The use of glue does not allow for natural shrinkage.


Mortise and tenon Joints: This particular joint is when two pieces of wood need to be connected usually at a 90 degree angle creating an extra strong joint with out the use of adhesives.


These joint techniques used by the Amish are not easy to make but create some of the strongest and most durable pieces of furniture available. Amish people make timeless pieces that become heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.





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The Practical Kitchen: Keep Your Kitchen Organized

When you are setting up your kitchen, you want to do so in a way that is functional and stylish. As you decorate your kitchen, you want to think practically. A practical kitchen will help you out in all of the cooking and food prep work that you do, and a stylish kitchen will make you proud of your home. You must think about storage space, practicality and style as you put together the perfect kitchen, and you must attempt to stay organized in all that you do.

Riverpointe Space Saver Kitchen Island

Hang your pots and pans to free up storage space. You have a limited amount of cupboards, and you need the space that you have for all of your many dishes and appliances. Pots and pans tend to take up a lot of space, so you need to create a fresh option for storing them. Set up a rack that will hold the pots and pans that you have in your home, something that will allow you to hang them up in the air and out of the way.


Take advantage of every space that you have, and use the space in a way that is smart. There is storage space that often gets overlooked, and you want to take advantage of that space. One of the kitchen hacks that is available is a simple one. Choose to use every single cupboard in your kitchen, but think carefully about what you put where. Put items that you rarely use into the cupboards up above your refrigerator, stove, etc.. Put items that you use often in a place that is easy to get to.


Keep things put away at all times. If you are not using an item, stash it away somewhere in order to keep your countertops cleared up and available for use. Your blender does not have to sit out just because you use it every day. Find a spot where you can stash that item away. Your appliances can have a designated spot where it goes when it is not in use, it does not have to take up the space that you will be needing for the food prep and cooking work that you will be doing.

When you determine to keep your kitchen organized, you will find that you have a lot of space available to work. You will also find that the space can look great without you putting in a lot of effort. Just having a clean kitchen can help you to have a home that you can be proud to call your own.

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