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Five Gorgeous and Unique Ways to Decorate A Wooden Log Arbor For Your Wedding

Amish made wooden arbors are a gorgeous fixture at many weddings. These simple pieces provide a wonderful base that you can decorate any way you choose! While there are many traditional and beautiful ways to decorate a wooden arbor, there are a few unique ways to do so that will make your wedding stand out and declare your personality. Check out these awesome five ways to decorate your wedding arbor. They’re gorgeous and unique– an essential for beautiful wedding decor!

Driftwood and Poppy Billy Balls

This is certainly a unique idea that really pops. The two concepts of the driftwood and tangled wood combined with yellow, eye-catching poppy billy balls work so well together– one is rustic and marine, the other is alive and bright, providing that burst of color to contrast with the stark brown of the driftwood. Billy balls, also known as craspedia, have bright, lively spherical yellow heads paired with green stems. They’re so unusual and rarely used that your arbor will have plenty of personality, and capture that natural, rustic look perfectly. Accent with succulents if you wish to add a little green to the mix!

Moss and Pomander Balls

Craving something even more unique for your wooden log arbor? Consider using moss and pomander balls! These balls of flowers look completely eccentric and totally adorable. Pair with your favorite kind of moss (maybe Spanish moss for accenting), and either put it in places or glue it to the outside for that forest feel. When you add colored pomander balls to the mix in shades of violet, for instance, the arbor comes together in something both wild and beautiful, just like you.

Paper Cranes

Hanging paper cranes from your wedding arbor is a totally batty idea– and one that totally works. Even if you have no interest in Asian culture, you may be aware that folded paper cranes are reported to bring luck. Especially if you fold a thousand! Incorporate this auspicious tradition into your arbor by hanging either many small cranes or a few larger and varying sized cranes from your arbor. With endless patterns and color options, this style is both beautiful and easily customized.

Crafty Yarn and Seashells

This idea’s a little out there, but may be just what the unique, free spirit in you desires! The basis of this idea is that you glue or secure yarn balls to your wedding arbor. Same with the seashells. Best of all, you can add in whatever you like: flowers made of fabric, wooden letters (either your initials or both of your names), found items, bows, little clocks. It’s a totally eclectic mix and match of a bunch of items that normally wouldn’t go together, but form a kind of beauty out of the chaos.

Floral Garlands

Take traditional flowers and turn them on their head with this unique wooden log arbor idea! Fresh or fake flowers provide elegance and whimsy, while stringing them together in garlands invites a little bit of ethereal mystery to the day. Hang so that they look like curtains, pulled off at each side. You can select any color you like! Floral garlands add a pop of unorthodox to the traditional for a look that simply works!

All of these ideas would look incredible at any wedding! Wedding decor is all about matching the idea to your own personal style and vision. With a little research and reflection, you can find the perfect theme for your wooden log arbor and make your wedding dreams a reality. As always, get creative, draw inspiration, and don’t forget to add your own personal touch. Best wishes, and good luck!

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Furniture Styles 101

Amish furniture is not only aesthetically and visually appealing, it is sturdy and crafted to last a lifetime. The Amish take excessive pride in each portion of furniture they hand craft. Their pieces become an art form as much as functional piece of furniture. Amish furniture has some well-recognized styles, including Queen Anne, Shaker, and Mission. There are many different carpentry techniques of Amish furniture, such as dovetailed drawers, countersunk screws, tough-as-nails finishes and mortise and tenon joints which all have their own distinct characteristics.

Some specific and popular styles include: Mission style has a clean and modern look, represented by straight lines. Shaker style is premised on being durable and functional. While elegant, it is often a very basic and simple design and for Queen Anne style is exactly opposite of the Mission and Shaker styles. It is more traditional in nature and is constructed with visual appeal in mind. It consists of more uniquely carved ornamentation, foot details, and ornate moldings. The Amish furniture can be made to fit into any room of the home. Craftsman often construct bed frames, night tables, and dressers for the bedroom. Or they might make a dining set or a selection of office furniture. All of which is carefully made to the highest of quality standards.

The Queen Anne style of Amish furniture is most easily identified in the table pieces. A Queen Anne table has an oval shaped table top and the legs have curves that flow obviously with the wood. The tables’ chairs usually have a decorative design cut into them. The Amish themselves still shun electricity for most uses.

Mission is one of the most popular styles of Amish furniture. It is easily identified by a flare at the base of the furniture’s legs and doors and drawers that are inset. Often mission style furniture will have doors that are arched. These doors typically have panels that are raised or mullioned glass panels in them. Sometimes mission style furniture has crown molding on the top of it to help complete the furniture’s look. However, there is a little more decoration that the craftsmen adds a diamond shaped design to each piece of furniture with mission furniture.

Amish furniture is dependable and will usually be made of same materials. If it’s a true Amish-made furniture it will often be of solid wood. Amish furniture is some of the most reliable and sturdy furniture you can buy. Since there are so many different types and styles of Amish furniture you can determine which one to choose. Amish furniture are larger in size as compared to typical furniture. Amish furniture is durable and long lasting. Each piece of furniture is a work of art in and of itself. All Amish furniture make an unbelievable attraction for anyone who has a home in any part of the world. Make your choice and go your model.

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Unique Ways to Attract Birds to Bird Houses

By making a few adjustments to your bird houses can greatly help attract a large number of different birds to your backyard. Providing nest boxes, food (bird feeders), water, and nesting materials can attract birds to your bird houses. However, there are betters and unique ways that you can use to attract so many birds to your place.

1. Clean out your bird houses If your bird houses are not in good condition, make sure to clean them out and make all necessary repairs to host different species, which roost during winter and fall. This means that early fall is the right time to prepare your bird houses. Usually, the older nests attract parasites and insects and should be completely removed before starting to attract birds. In several areas, winter wrens, nuthatches, chickadees, and bluebirds may sometimes take nightly residence up in bird houses for safety and to keep warm.

2. Provide running water around your bird houses If you are looking to attract migrating birds to your bird house, it’s a good idea to provide running water in a pond or birdbath. This is because running water is heard by birds from the surrounding environment – hence, drawing them to the water for a drink or a quick dip. Most birds that come to the birdbaths with running water usually eat insects and any other food they found around the area. This is actually one of the best ways of attracting birds, especially the migrants to your bird houses.

3. Place sugar-water feeders around your birth house Leaving sugar-water feeders out can also help attract a number of local orioles and hummingbirds to your backyard. In the fall, there are a lot of orioles and hummingbirds that migrate to a different place after spending the summer season further north. By providing bird feeders outside your bird houses, these birds will need food so they will be attracted to the feeders to recharge. In the process, you get to into your bird houses.

4. Create brush piles Use your fall clippings of twigs and branches and pile them somewhere in your yard, (especially where they are less intrusive) in order to create shed/cover for birds. This is important for those birds, which prefer habitat on lower areas or on the ground, such as white-throated sparrows, bark-eyed juncos, and tree sparrows. These species will therefore use brush piles to protect themselves from predators and to roost at night.

5. Provide enough food for insect eaters Many birds, especially those live in the wildlife usually eat insects and fruits, so instead of putting seeds or cereals in the bird feeders, try to provide insects and fruits. For instance, northern mockingbirds, American robins, cedar waxwings, migrating thrushes, tanagers and thrashers, and some woodpeckers will feed on chunks of berries, jellies, and apples from containers. Some of these birds will also eat live meal worms and other insects. Attracting more birds means providing the right food for every species you want to have in your bird houses.

With these ideas of attracting birds to your bird houses properly put into practice, you will definitely have different species of birds in your backyard. It’s recommended to meet all the necessary requirements before starting to attract wild birds to your backyard.

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Benefits of Owning Cedar Furniture

Classic looking wooden furniture can highlight the natural beauty and radiance of the home in so many different ways. How it is incorporated is an aspect which needs to be taken seriously in order to pull off the right look for the particular theme of home decor you wish to achieve.

Where owning wood furniture really hits high notes is in the presence of outdoor  furniture, not only for the overall look but how it makes for a classy, comfortable way for guests to enjoy getting together at your humble abode.

The one of the most preferable choices of wood for outdoor furniture is typically cedar and below you will be reading about the various type’s benefits of what it provides the outer setting of the home:

Top-Notch Durability

The natural character of cedar is soft but tough, smells wonderful, is undeniably durable and it will be able to withstand just about any type of harsh weather that is thrown at it because of it’s natural defense of not absorbing moisture. Cedar can take on a significant amount of weight, notably more than several the other types of wood that produces outdoor patio furniture. That is why so many people love cedar tables and their ability to become everybody’s favorite quintessential catch-all for outdoor parties and get-togethers.

A Cinch to Clean

When cedar is given a great finish, it can be an absolute breeze to clean. A big reason is because the integrity of the wood is so smooth and buffers moisture when compared to other types of outdoor furniture. There are many times that just a simple wiping will take care of it, making it look brand new again. If there is a stain that is even a little tough to come out, just try creating a solution of a little warm water and baking soda, then wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Wonderfully Weatherproofed

Cedar just so happens to be one of the few types of wood that doesn’t need to be stored indoors during the wettest times of the year, it can take on the entirety of all four seasons. It doesn’t matter if it is in the dead of winter or in the relentless heat of an endless Indian summer, you can always rely on cedar to make the objective of owning outdoor furniture a complete care-free process.

Super Economic for What You Get

There are a lot of cheaply made alternatives out there which will fall apart before a year has even elapsed and although cedar may be a little pricier than those imitation outdoor sets, it is most certainly worth it the extra cost. Then when you factor in just how low in maintenance the furniture is and how relatively easy it is to clean, it is just a plain and simple no-brainer in the regards of what type of outdoor wooden furniture to purchase.

There is No Better Wood than Cedar for Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

When you think about how fantastic wooden home decor is and that goes double for outdoor patio furniture, it pretty much comes down to being a total must for the homeowner who wants to blend good common sense with style. Cedar has the great ability to create a backyard setting into an oasis for friends and family to get together and enjoy those simple things in life, like a barbeque or a party. There is no better type of wood out there for your life and with so many great variations of cedar patio furniture sets, backyard life is certainly good-to-go.


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Realistic After Care for Wood Furniture

The beautiful wood furniture that you have meticulously chosen, paid for, delivered, and set up looks wonderful in your home. The next question is “how do you maintain these beautiful pieces of furniture”? The obvious answer is dusting and regularly deep cleaning once a month; and protecting the furniture with glass tops, place-mats, and coasters. But how do you live in a house with pets and kids and keep your new-found table or chair looking great?

Pets and kids are a given in almost any household. The main issue with protecting fine wood furniture is setting realistic rules about the furniture and sticking to it. No food or drinks in the living room and keeping the pets off the couch are all small but important things a homeowner can do to keep their furniture as new and well taken care of as possible. But let’s be realistic… things happen. Kids spill and pets don’t always listen. Cups with lids are a simple basic rule in a house with little people. Even if you don’t have kids of your own; keep a few cups with lids in your house for little guests. Does a child want to eat a snack or have special dinner while watching a movie? Invest in a tray and a floor pillow. This will allow children to have a special treat in the living room or den and keep possible spillage further away from your furniture. Gating off certain rooms to keep pets away from furniture is an option when you are away from the home. When you are home stay consistent and give your fur baby a special place of their own in a few different rooms to lay down and take a nap.

Guests happen and politely reminding them your furniture is new does not always cut the mustard. Not all guests are going to be considerate of your brand new furniture. Serve food in your dining room or kitchen, don’t fill up drinks too full, casually put coasters underneath drinks, and use place mats made of a thick absorbent material are simple ways to prevent accidents when guests come to visit.

Many experts also believe that keeping your furniture out of direct sunlight is a helpful technique in maintaining your fine wood furniture. But how do you do this without hiding it in the basement? You can’t keep your furniture away from the windows in your house without limiting your floor plan choices. Long shear curtains are a wonderful option. Sheer curtains will allow light in from the window and still protect your furniture from a huge amount of direct light. In addition, strategical placed hanging plants will also limit direct sunlight on wood furniture and protect fabric from fading.

Aftercare for fine wood furniture is so important. For more aftercare tips and hints please see our

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Or go to for a wonderful article on specific details on how to do regular cleaning and maintenance on your new furniture.


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Simple Ways to Enhance any Gazebo!

Gazebos are simple and durable structures that offer a wonderful way to enjoy a home’s outdoor space no matter the weather. Classic gazebos come in many shapes and sizes so it is easy for homeowners to find the perfect one to fit any yard. Infusing the structure with individual personality will add to a family’s enjoyment of any gazebo.

Plants and flowers are a classic and creative way that people can enhance their gazebo.  Simple bordering plants and flowers are an easy way to beautify the outside of a gazebo. The majority of border plants grow quickly and with very little trouble. Keep in mind whether plants and flowers thrive in the shade or sun. This will help you choose the best plants and flowers for your space. To create a layering effect select plants of differing heights and colors. Hanging plants are effortless to buy and easy to keep up. Using solid stainless steel screw in hooks will give a durable way to hang plants around the inside of your Gazebo. Placing a hook every 6 to 7 inches allows the ability to “run” hanging plant vines around the inside of your structure. Artificial plants are fine to use for decorating a Gazebo. This option is economical and time-saving. Using a feather duster is the best way to keep your artificial plants and flowers clean.

Special Hint: Pick flowers and plants that repel bugs and other wanted insects. This process will help make the time you spend in your pavilion more enjoyable without all the chemicals.

Ambiance lighting provides a brilliant way to enjoy your outdoor space in the evening.  Purchasing lanterns and hanging lamps that are solar powered or battery operated allows for enough light to enhance the area without ruining the ambiance with electrical cords. Christmas lights and String lanterns have vastly improved  over the years. By using a few nails and some ingenuity a magical and enjoyable setting can be created. Tea Candles are surprisingly inexpensive and hugely useful. A simple google or Pinterest search will give you a number of creative ways to use these candles for ambiance lighting for your outdoor gazebo. Place them on a table or mount them around the inside posts of the structure. Wine Bottle Candle Holders, Mason jar Candles Holders, and Wine Glass Candles Holders are just a few ideas for displaying tea candles.

Special Hint: Place citronella candles to help keep bugs away during use.

Personality pieces are a  unique way to decorate any space and a gazebo is no exception. Step outside of the traditional thought of decorating and be creative. Think of themes that show case a families likes. Examples of this style of decorating would be adding rustic furniture for a “cabin” look or a nautical theme for a family that enjoys the beach. Small hints give a gazebo a personal and comfortable feel.

Special hint: Personality pieces should be used in small doses to prevent causing an overwhelming effect.

Gazebos provide a durable and beautiful location to enjoy any outdoor space. Please come visit us on Facebook or Pinterest to see more ideas!

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Need to Know Facts on Buying Natural Wood Furniture

Natural looking rustic wood furniture is a traditional and beautiful addition to any home but there are certain things people need to know before investing in this style of furniture for their living space.

The type of wood chosen for rustic wood furniture is the first important choice a homeowner needs to make. Each type of wood provides a different ambiance. Pine and cedar logs showcase a natural style that is welcoming and warm with an authentic and natural feel. Choosing furniture made of hickory wood creates a primitive and traditional antique setting because of the Hickory woods natural bendy appearance. If “log” furniture is not the home owner’s cup of tea another choice that might be considered is: reclaimed barn wood. This type of furniture allows for the rustic feel with a cleaner country look. In addition, reclaimed barn wood allows for a larger variation in color.

Hint: “Cracks” seen in real natural wood furniture means that the wood has been through a natural drying process. This process causes an occurrence called “Checking”. Many experts think that this process adds to the rustic feel of log furniture and is also a way to positively know if the furniture being considering is real wood that has been naturally dried.


Depending on the wood chosen for the wood furniture in question decides the choices of stain available. A wood that has a natural color may only have a clear coat choice but a white pine due to the natural color will allow for other stain choices. When deciding on the stain you want to ask if a color guide could be provided to help get an idea of the color the furniture will be when finished. ·

Hint: “Skip Peeled Pine” is when the lodge pole log is hand peeled with a knife to leave a small part of the bark exposed. Handcrafter’s of natural wood furniture use this particular technique to creatively bring out the natural aspects of the wood used in the piece of furniture they are designing.


When investing in quality furniture asking how the building techniques is extremely important. Wood furniture that uses Mortise-and-tenon joints base construction provides for a stronger and more durable piece of furniture. Does the builder use stainless steel screws? Is the furniture hand tooled or does the builder use power tools? Is outdoor log wood furniture stained and treated with a UV protective clear lacquer coat that will protect the pieces direct sunlight. The answers to these particular questions will allow a homeowner to truly know the furniture’s true quality they are considering investing in. ·

Hint: Dove tail drawers are another long-standing technique for building drawer joints. They have a specific look to them. This joint style is considered to be the best technique to connect the front and sides of the drawers.



The beauty and durability of natural wood furniture has made natural wood furniture pieces a popular and long lasting style in home décor. Come see us on Pinterest or Facebook for more Rustic Home Décor.


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Sleeping Options for Overnight Guests

Providing comfortable sleeping arrangements for overnight guests remains a long-standing concern for adults. The main question asked: “Where will they sleep”? A dedicated guest room is not always an option or the wish of many households.

Futons, originally built for convenience, have increased in quality, style and comfort. Gone are the college style metal futons with lumpy mattresses. A quality hard wood futon placed in a family room or den allows for convenience and comfort for overnight guests. To make sure that guests are given the utmost comfort a futon mattress needs to have a minimum of 9 inches in thickness and a micro fabric cover.

Special Hint: Keep a space-saving bag with extra blankets, pillows, and toiletries stored underneath the futon to stay ready for any unexpected guests

Sleeper sofas or “pull out” couches are a traditional and practical option for providing house guest with a place to sleep for a night or two. Sleeper sofas have vastly improved over the years in comfort and taste. A sofa with a high density foam mattress as opposed to a spring mattress ensures the ability to give a comfortable sleeping option for years to come. A sleeper sofa built with high-grade internal mechanisms will be easier to convert to a bed.

Special Hint: If firmer back support is a concern ask customer support about the having the web cushion support system replaced with a board.

Overnight guests come in many sizes. A day bed with a trundle provides parents with children the ability to have a safe co sleeping space. Parents will sleep comfortable knowing their little ones are nearby if needed in the middle of the night. The day bed eliminates the need to give extra space for a travel crib.

Special note: Place pillows under the fitted sheet of the trundle to keep little ones from slipping off.

The name Murphy bed causes people to cringe. The thought of having a built-in sleeping space is nerve wrecking due to the difficulty in remodeling or upgrading a home down the line.  Newer Murphy beds have more storage spaces and come in different size beds. The choice of a Murphy bed allows for an elegant sleeping space visiting friends and family members. In addition, a Murphy bed does not take up as much space in the home when guests are not in residence. The Murphy bed remains conveniently out-of-the-way and can be elegantly decorated.

Special Note: Place Wi-Fi passwords on a blank card near where the overnight guests sleep.

Overnight guest are a part of life. Whether your parents are coming to see the kids for the weekend, your child is having a sleep over, or friends are stopping by for the night.; it is a reality. Making sure you have a simple and convenient sleeping option for them makes the process less stressful for all.


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Shared Family Offices!

Every living space needs a shared family office. A command center for the family where practical matters take place. An organizational “hub” to keep important documents, family calendars, letters from school, and other everyday items for family members. Think outside the box when planning a shared family office. While a traditional den is convenient for many families it is not the only option available for planning this type of space.

A small table with chairs placed in a common room, such has a living room or kitchen, is a simple and flexible way to set up a shared family office. Using a small table allows for more choices when space is a consideration in the home. A rectangular table placed against a wall allows for seating when updating a calendar, writing a check, or for children who need a homework area. A tall pub table with high back chairs placed at the end allows for extra storage space underneath the table.

A corner T.V cabinet placed in a family room or near an entrance way is another unique idea. A corner T.V cabinet does not allow for a place to sit but this choice does give more storage options. Place an individual basket, bowl, or container for each family member’s personal possessions on the top of the cabinet. Hanging a family calendar on the wall in a central location allows all family members the ability to stay up to date. Think about storing important papers, reference books, or even a charging station for electronics in the underside of the cabinet where DVD’s and games would normally go.

A kitchen Island is a wonderful option for a shared family office. With so many island choices a family can easily find one that suits their needs. Kitchen Islands offer a place to sit for working and plenty of storage space for organizing. Placing the island near a wall allows for a bookcase nearby for organization space and access to reference books. Add hooks on the walls for personal back packs, purses, and coats.

If your space and or family is small try using a lift top coffee table in the living room. This style coffee table offers enough space to put important documents and information all the people in the home need and a place to work. Add end tables with shelves nearby to create a compact personal storage space for each member of the family.

When planning a shared family office keep in mind that a “traditional” office space is not the only option. Although shared family offices need certain “must haves”. Some of these must haves are: a family calendar, a container for pens and pencils, a cork board/chalk board/dry erase board that displays family information. (I.e. important contact information, to do list, chore list etc.) A shared family office also should have a personal spot for everyone in the family: a jar, a hook, a basket, or a cubby. The space you plan should suit not only your home but your family’s personality.

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What every Man Cave needs!

Everyone needs a space to call their own. A little piece of the world that says “this is who I am”. A room in which the door can be shut. A Man Cave could be a garage, basement, or den. Whether tiny or spacious these Man Caves should have certain elements.

A beverage station in a “man cave” is a must have. Some men love a stiff drink or a cold beer at the end of the day.  A traditional bar is always a big hit. A place to mix drinks like a bartender for friends and family. If alcohol is not the man’s beverage of choice adapting a traditional bar is a simple task. A coffee loving man might love a brew station with his favorite brand of coffee and strong mugs. Consider changing a “traditional” bar into a soda station for a man with a sweet tooth. If space is a consideration try using a kitchen island with a mini fridge.

Whether the man watches sports, reads, plays chess, or video games a comfy seating area is necessary. The traditional thought for a man cave is a reclining chair but there are many other choices. When choosing furniture for a man cave go with comfort and keep the fabric simple. Also, keep in mind the type of activities the man in question likes to do. Someone who likes to sit up and read might prefer a chair and footstool. A smart choice for a man who enjoys spending time on the computer would be a comfortable desk and chair. A sociable guy with friends that come over regularly might enjoy sturdy comfortable chairs placed around a table. A sofa with pillows made of soft fabric for long afternoon naps would go over well for any man.

Shelves, Shelves, Shelves.Even if the man in question is not an avid reader he still needs a place to put his memorabilia and personal “Knick knacks”. A place for special photos, a jar with old ticket stubs, a special pair of cuff links, and books. Shelves do not need to only be on the walls. Bookcases, entertainment centers, end tables all have shelves. Also, shelves are important for more practical reasons such as: storing DVD’s, video games, board games, or hobby supplies. 

Men have personalities too. The art in the Man Cave should show their personality. Personality art is not necessarily framed photos and painted fruit. Hanging unique items on the wall will showcase who the man is as an individual. Musical instruments, retro video game posters, antique tools, diplomas, and other out of the box items can make a Man Cave pop. Another way to express personality is using odd items for home decor. A wonderful example would be to use old tools for handles on cabinets. Think about small ways to re purpose personal items for practical uses.

Taking the time to create a personal space for a man is important. The room should always reflect him as an individual. Keep the big pieces simple and the décor creative.

For more ideas on creating the perfect Man cave come see our Man Cave Board on Pinterest

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