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Pull Up a Chair

Remember when you bought your very first, brand new piece of furniture? The investment may have felt like a hefty one, but the satisfaction was enjoyed for years.

At Cabinfield, we have noticed that one great piece of furniture can highlight an entire room! Our handcrafted essential pieces, and some beautifully decorative ones (balance is key, right?), can help you transform a room simply by pulling up a chair.

Whether your room(s) call for a fine furniture touch, or a rustic application that inspires your creative side, a single chair can invite guests to stay and chat, or provide a focal point of beauty in a room you just do not have time to update.

This beautifully handcrafted swivel glider is available with a matching ottoman, or can come alone, turning any room into your favorite reading or television viewing area in an instant.

The Arts & Crafts Morris Chair provides perfect comfort, and a stylish return the exceptionally crafted Mission Style furniture era. This beautiful design is easy to incorporate into any room, without disrupting the existing decor.

The Amish McCoy Chair delivers sleek elegance, combined with a sturdy design contour that is perfect for home, office or even to anchor a bedroom.

With so many chairs, and whole furnishing options available, Cabinfield provides incredibly handcrafted quality that can be passed down through generations.



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New Patio Furniture is Closer than You Think!

Purchasing new patio furniture can seem like a daunting task. How much furniture do you need? Does all of it need replaced? Would a single table suffice? Before purchasing new patio or lawn furniture, ask yourself a series of questions to cut costs along the way.

First: How Much Furniture Do You Need?

The answer to this question will depend on your goal. Are you trying to fill a space that is completely devoid of furniture now? If so, take measurements of the space and keep them nearby while you are perusing new ideas. This will keep you from buying too little, or too much to fill the space.

Second: What is the Purpose of Your Purchase?

Are you creating an outdoor dining area for your family, friends and guests? If so, a rectangular (or circular) dining table and chairs could satisfy your goals effortlessly!

Is your purpose more casual, say to have coffee with a friend on a smaller deck of a condo or apartment? The beauty of the Chat Table Set can accomplish a new, beautiful handcrafted approach to small spaces while still providing comfort.

Finally, for those who are looking for the comfort and space to entertain, and provide room for friends, family and beyond for hours on end, you can choose outdoor living at its finest!

Step Three: Create a Budget & a Plan

Spending too much money at once, on anything, will create a quick case of buyer’s remorse. It is important to plan your outdoor spaces carefully, and with a budget, so you are satisfied with the end result.

Try purchasing new cushions first, if the furniture can make it through another season without being replaced. This will give you more time to save for the furniture that you really want, and that will last.

If a new umbrella can brighten up your space, or a new table – maybe something is a different shape than its existing counterpart – that will boost your entertainment quality, start there!

Finally, it is possible to replace your outdoor furniture one piece at a time. If it makes sense from a shipping cost standpoint, go ahead and plan your new outdoor look piece by piece. This approach will even allow you to mix and match, and create a personalized design scheme that you will love for years to come!

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Longing for Spring? Plan Ahead with Magnificent Garden Accents!

Although it seems as though Spring grows farther and farther away with every snowflake that continues to fall, the truth is, it really is coming!

With the highly anticipated season upon us, we are diligently planning for all of the yard work that lies ahead – longing for the moment we can adorn our gardening gloves and get to work.

To help appease our senses, while mother nature continues to postpone any possible greenery budding in the majority of the United States, we look to new lawn and garden accessories to heighten our excitement for Spring!

This beautiful 24″ planter is big enough to plant an array of flowers, or to post your favorite trees as bookends to a walkway. Available in a dozen different finishes, this planter creates the perfect bright spot at an entryway, porch or deck.

This exceptionally handcrafted wheelbarrow is available in several sizes and finishes, and can include a galvanized liner to keep your contents safe and sound as your gardening projects unfold. Should you prefer to use this design as a fixture for plants or ever-changing flower combinations, feel free to mix its use!

Available in stained, unstained or painted, this ornamental bench makes the perfect seat for a child or a beautiful display for pots, plants, vines and even garden statues!

Finally! The perfect garden accent has arrived, with utilitarian value! This magnificent garden basket is available stained, unstained or painted in several colors, and will brighten up your yard work immediately!

Allow us to help you get ready for Spring, starting now!

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Three Easy Steps to Brightening Any Room

As the Winter months seemingly drag on, it is hard to imagine that you will ever get to enjoy your outside space again. With the snow, the cold and the grey skies looming, Spring is often the season we begin longing for as March approaches.

Awaiting the arrival of the third month can feel like an eternity, but there are ways to brighten up your home, garden and even office space to feel like change is in the air!

Instead of considering (and dreading) the costs of making significant changes to your space, why not dabble in accent items that will brighten a room or garden, even before the sunny months have a chance to? Smaller, handcrafted items can provide unbelievable relief to any room that is begging for an update, without the expense of  recreating the entire space from top to bottom.

Here are some fun ideas to get you started:

Step One: Clean, Clean, Clean!

Cleaning out a single room, or even a closet, provides a sense of accomplishment and a brightened view. By no means are we suggesting your home is in need of a cleaning, but a good tidying up of an office or bonus room will help you understand what can go and what should stay. Anything that is broken, including knick knacks, remotes that no longer work and even old magazines can be discarded to free up space right away. Cleaning blinds, washing curtains or simply dusting bookshelves will make the room feel bigger and updated.

Step Two: Brighten the Landscape

A lot of rooms in your home may go unused simply because they seem darker or  more closed off than others. Even if you prefer that no one uses your home office as an escape, it is important that you do not feel as if the room is the gloomiest place in your home (workload aside, of course). Open the blinds, pull back the curtains and even add a beautiful lamp to the mix to insure you are getting the most from the room.

Step Three: Add Something New!

There are so many things you can add to a room to create a clean, organized look! Cabinfield offers a unique, handcrafted selection that allows you to update any room without breaking the bank!

 Don’t Forget About Your View!

Sometimes a change of scenery can do you good! Consider adding a quick accent to your outdoor view with simple, but beautiful items that draw nature to your doorstep!

Spring is on the way, but until it actually arrives in your neck of the woods, brighten your home from the inside to get a boost in the right direction!



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Gifts that Last a Lifetime

February is the perfect month to consider giving gifts that say I Love You…Forever. Furniture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when entertaining gift ideas, but it certainly can be the one gift that makes a difference in someone’s life…Forever.

Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed, which makes handcrafted furniture even more of a delight. Its sturdy composition, rich textures and beautiful one-of-a-kind nuances can anchor a room with a single chair or a hallway with a simple mirror.

Giving the gift of furniture is a commitment unlike any other. In a single moment you are able to tell someone, “With this handcrafted piece, I want you to remember me forever.” Furniture moves with people. Furniture grows with people. Furniture can be ornamental, utilitarian or both. Depending on the piece that you purchase, you are entrusting its care to someone who will think of your thoughtfulness every time they enter the room your piece is in. How many other gift ideas carry that kind of weight?

Some great furniture gift giving ideas include simple yet beautiful hand-carved, stained and assembled jewelry armoires.

Another unique and timeless gift idea delivers more than the time of day, but the ultimate representation of craftsmanship.

Some of the best gifts come in the form of a single piece of furniture, and can include a chair, bench, storage alternatives, mirrors and even hall trees.

There are absolutely no limits to the gift-giving ideas that fine furniture affords. When considering giving the gift that lasts a lifetime, examine the recipient’s lifestyle, their current design scheme and recognize their tastes to provide the overwhelmingly thoughtful gift of a lifetime.


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Brilliant Design Meets Intelligent Storage

The word “storage” can invoke a number of unexciting thoughts, including one of entering a dark and somewhat abandoned space simply to tidy up your home. At Cabinfield, we like to think of storage space as an innovative opportunity to store precious keepsakes without having to enter the basement or attic.

Our exceptionally handcrafted products allow you to add beautiful highlights to your home’s decor, without compromising the integrity of your space. The brilliance begins with the versatility of the vintage Plymouth Trunk. This beautiful, vintage design will allow quick access to blankets, pillows and even smaller furnishings while keeping them tucked away safely during dinner parties.

The Plymouth trunk is perfect for the living or entertainment rooms, and can add a beautiful twist of creative storage to any office.

With numerous options that fit any home decor that represents fine lines, and handcrafted sophistication, Cabinfield has storage meets fine furniture combinations to suit every taste, including the Newport Cherry Chest.

Does your home require a more ornate piece that can double as entry or hallway seating to accommodate waiting guests? If so, the Manchester Oak Chest provides the perfect storage opportunity for keys, cellphones and even briefcases or purses, while doubling as the perfect accent to any room.

Brilliant, beautiful and versatile chests are available to fit any budget, while maintaining an exciting and unique appearance in any home.

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Six Ways to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living has become more and more popular in the last decade. We’ve seen the market become flooded with quality products to improve the outdoor living experience. For instance, patio furniture choices once limited now include a plethora of new and improved fabrics, materials, styles and colors. When designing your own outdoor living space, the only issue you might face is becoming overwhelmed by the myriad of options. We’ve outlined a few points below to help you get started.

Plan. You’ll want to consider how you will use your space. Many outdoor living spaces feature a comfortable seating area and one for dining. Create a furniture floor plan the same as you would when planning an interior room. Measure to see what the square footage will allow. For example, if you have an existing patio you should allow for traffic patterns and human dimensions as it relates to movement and seating.

Take cover. If your existing outdoor area doesn’t have overhead cover you’ll want to plan for this. Whether it be an awning, ready-made fabric gazebo or simple pop-up umbrella. Will you be using the space in the daytime? If so, you’ll want adequate coverage at least in one area to provide shade from the sun.

Furnish. There are so many exciting choices when it comes to outdoor furnishings. To help you narrow them down, focus on the style, colors and finishes you used indoors, your outdoor area should be an extension of the indoor design. Purchase only wood and metal products which are weather-resistant. Add in cushions for seating in fade-resistant outdoor fabrics. Remember when choosing furniture you’ll want it as comfortable as possible so you can get the most enjoyment from your time outdoors.

Light it up. If you plan to be outdoors at nighttime you’ll want to add in adequate lighting such as an overhead fixture if you have a veranda or covered patio. Wall sconces on exterior house walls add nice ambiance. Outdoor landscaping lighting delineates areas.

Add fire. Fire features create an enjoyable outdoor experience whether it be a fire bowl or an actual fireplace. There are so many options available, but you’ll want to consider the type of structure you have and how often you’ll be spending time by the fire.

Accessorize. Just as you add accessories to the interior of your home you’ll want to accessorize your outdoor living room as well. Add pillows in outdoor fabrics and iron or wood decorative items. Create a plan for a beautiful tablescape for the dining table.

Visit the Cabinfield website for many outdoor retreats, furnishing and accessory choices.

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Mixing Woods in Décor

Sometimes breaking the rules is a good thing. In interior design it has become something of the norm. We are seeing modern style living harmoniously with traditional style, gold finishes with silver, and mixed wood tones and finishes in the same room. All of these can be pulled off beautifully when done with intention. Contrast and balance are key, especially when mixing woods. Below you’ll find several rooms showing how this can be done tastefully.

This space shows how mixing woods effectively creates a harmonious design. There are many wood finishes in the room such as honey pine, dark mahogany, walnut and teak but they all work together in contrast or likeness.

You often see mismatched chairs and tables in the dining room these days, and as shown here, it can be a lovely combination. The wood floor anchors the furniture with its light and dark tones.

A country kitchen boasts cabinetry in a light natural finish while counter stools are in a medium finish. This adds a halfway tone to the space between the lightness of the room and the dark modern island.

A dark wood table and sofa legs compliment an unfinished wide-planked floor and a formal wood-framed side chair.

Differing types of wood are introduced to this living space in the furnishings and flooring. Notice how balanced the tones are from piece to piece.

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Rustic Room Décor

Rustic décor is comprised of several decorating styles including Country, Lodge, Prairie, Primitive and Western. While this is true, all of these styles have many common elements that define a rustic décor. Mixing wood and metal finishes, rough-hewn woods, ceiling beams, handcrafted furnishings and rich colored rugs and accessories are all included in the rustic décor.

Achieving a rustic style décor isn’t difficult lean towards any or all of the elements above. Think of it like bringing nature indoors. We’ve gathered a few beautiful rustic rooms to hopefully inspire some decorating ideas of your own.

Warm woods create a cozy, inviting feel in this living room. A lovely painting of a vast prairie acts as a focal point for the room.

A very rustic bedroom features vast vaulted ceilings, painted wood floors and a large fireplace. The furnishings are a mix of woods and styles including an antiqued chest.


A cozy dining corner in this log cabin looks quite inviting with a round pedestal table and hickory chairs with woven backs.

Rough-hewn furnishings provide a comfortable space to relax with friends or curl up with a good book. A tribal rug ties the room together beautifully.

A country style living room includes antique wood furniture, a rustic fireplace and a collection of antlers. Mixing traditional furnishings gives a romantic touch to this room.

An elegant canopy bed creates a focal point in this log style bedroom. A hickory bench with woven seat sits at the foot of the bed.

All of the wood tones match in this very rustic dining room. Cushioned seats on the dining chairs add extra comfort for longer meals with family or friends.

Love to eat outdoors? Consider moving your dining set out to the porch or veranda like this welcoming space.

Visit for similar furniture to that in the images above–we carry Amish-made handcrafted furnishings perfect for a rustic room decor.

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Hardworking Space: The Mudroom

We discussed earlier in the month how to create a welcoming entry, today, we highlight a secondary entry—the mudroom. This multipurpose room is created for removing and putting on footwear, outerwear such as coats and sweaters, and for storing a multitude of items such as shoes, backpacks, hunting gear and more. Traditionally, it was also used to increase the cleanliness of the home and still does today. Often times the mudroom doubles as the laundry room, which makes it quite handy when pulling off muddy shoes or clothing.

If you don’t have a specific room you can dedicate as a mudroom, think of putting an all-in-one unit, like those below, in the kitchen by the back or side door. The mudroom can be as elaborate or simple as you like, but whichever you choose, you’ll enjoy the organization and cleanliness it will bring to your home.


Rustic Hall Bench
Handy storage and seating in this attractive Amish made hall tree perfect for the mudroom or
secondary entry.

Lattice Weave Bench with Basket
You’ll welcome the double advantage of both storage and seating with these fine Amish


Classic Three Panel Double Hall Seat
Three beveled mirrors are flanked by sturdy storage hooks. Additional hall storage is provided by the lifting bench lid. 

Basket Towers
4 Piece set shown in oak with Harvest stain. Also available as tower only, bench with cushion only or shelf with 3 coat hooks.

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