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Lift Top Coffee Tables

Lift top coffee tables are a unique piece of furniture that offer the perfect combination of style and function. Theses handcrafted pieces fit into many different room sizes with ease and provide the owner with a functional yet beautiful piece of furniture that will last.

Reseda Lift-Top Coffee Table

If space is at a premium in your home the lift top coffee table style is a wonderful option. One of the uses for this coffee table is a hide away work space. Having a separate office is not an option in every home. This table offers a convenient and stylish way to have a small work space that can be put away when not in use.

Mariposa Lift-Top Coffee Table


In addition, This table takes away from the need to have T.V. trays. Occasionally, we all like to have a dinner in front of the T.V. This table allows for this with the need for stands that need to be brought out with every use and then stored when done.

Boulder Creek Lift-Top Coffee Table Cabinet

This provides a hiding space from little fingers. We all need a spot to hide the remote, the book we do not want to lose our place in, the on going project we work on through out the week. We need a place to protect these things from children’s naturally curious nature. The lift top table allows this.

Kirby Lane Top Square Coffee Table

Our tables have many different style, stains, and options that make it easy to fins the right lift top table for you.



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How to display your summer photos!

Summer time is a wonderful time for having fun and taking photos. The question is how to display all the photos in your home in a thoughtful and interesting way. There are many interesting and simple ways to accomplish this task.


Use old vintage windows. Old windows are an interesting and simple way to display photos. Take a vintage style window with separate window panes and place the photos in the individual pane of glass. Take a long window with the separate window panes and turn it long wise and hang on the wall. Place the photos inside the separate window panes and for an added advantage put hooks at the bottom to hang bags purses etc.

13 Fun DIY Projects to Make with Old Windows

In addition, using interesting and unique items for a display stand is another option. A step ladder is one choice Pace the step ladder in the corner of a room and put the photos in eclectic frames on the steps. In addition, you can add memory items along with the photos to add flair. A memory item could be the little trinket you picked up at a souvenir shop or a pamphlet from the museum you visited.

Interesting clips can make a photo display interesting and functional. Laundry clips, binder clips decorated, interesting push pins, etc are just some of the ways to hang photos. The key as always is be creative!


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Tips and Hints for Choosing the Right Curtains

When you are looking to change up the home decor in the place where you are living, when you want to make your home different by adding new pieces to it and by changing up its style, you will find that curtains are one thing that can change the whole look of your home in a big way. There are tips and hints that can help you find the right curtains for your home, and when you know what you need to find, then you know what you need to buy. When you find the right curtains, you can transform your entire home.


When you are picking out the curtains that you will use in your home, you want those curtains to add to the space that they are in and you want them to speak of your personal style tastes. Choose the curtains that are colored in a way that you like, choose those with a pattern that is fitting in regard to the style that you love. There are a variety of options out there, and you should be able to find a set of curtains that are pleasing to you in terms of style.


As you are choosing the curtains that you will hang in your home, you need to think about the purpose of those curtains. There are times when you want to have heavy curtains in place in order to keep light out and in order to give your home some privacy. There are times when you want the curtains in your home to be airy and light. Make sure that you consider the material of the curtains in order to find those right for your needs.


When you are picking out the curtains that you will use in your home, consider the length that you would like for each window. For some spaces, curtains that hang down to the floor can look best. For other spaces, you might want just a valance on the window. Picture the room in which the curtains will be hung and consider how you would like the space to look. Think about the size options in regard to curtains and determine what works out the best.


As you are choosing the right curtains for your home, you want to know that those that you choose have been sewn well and that they are going to last. You do not want to choose curtains that you love only to have them unravel right away. You need to find curtains that are made of good material and that have been sewn together with care. Find those curtains that are going to last and that will look great in your home.
Finding the right curtains for your home is important, but you will find that the tips and hints shared above will help you to know just what you need to look for in the curtains that you choose.

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Interesting Coffee Cup Displays

Whether you drink a small cup in the morning or have a pot perpetually on; coffee cups are a home decor staple in most households. Coffee cups come in many different shapes and styles. Displaying them in unique ways that make the cups functional and stylish is actually a simple task.


Bring the cups out of the cupboard! Coffee cups can be shown off in many different ways. Use an open shelf or a cup rack on the wall. Find something that suits your personal style that can be created into a cup display. Vintage tins can be hung in the wall facing out to be used as a unique display for interesting coffee mugs. Mix and match cutlery can be bent o create interesting hooks to hang the cups on. Let your imagination go! Bring function and creativity together. Use out of the ordinary but simple displays!

The cups do not have to match. Your coffee mugs do not have to be “matchy”. Buy cups with complementary colors and designs. Have many different styles. Every person has a different type of cup they enjoy using for their hot beverage. Have a mix and match of sturdy, petite, classic, or unique. This way guests can choose a cup they are comfortable with.


Location is important. Find the best and most convenient place for your cups. Is it near the coffee maker or the sink. Do you have limited space or a wide open wall that needs the right thing to put on it. Will people be able to reach the cups comfortable? Is the place you want to use safe for little fingers?

Utilizing everyday functional items in a stylish way requires creativity and thought but it can be done.

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Simple Do it Yourself Projects

Do it yourself projects are a fun and personal way to decorate your home; even with limited time and experience. The simple act of sprucing up a photo frame can be a source of pride and an ice breaker for when new people visit your home.


Start by finding a DIY project that you want to put time into. Finding the project is many times as enjoyable as the project itself. When looking for a project take into consideration the following.

Supplies: What supplies do you need? How much money will this project take?Where can I find them? what tools do I need? If you want a simple project do one with simple supplies.

Do I have the space? Where are you going to work on the project? Does the project require drying time? (glue, paint, stain etc) Where can I put it to safely dry?

Are the directions easy to follow? Directions for a DIY can make or break a project. Red the directions before you buy one supply. Make sure they are clear to you and easily accessible.


DIY projects vary so finding one that suits your home and skill level should be fairly easy. Start broad and narrow it down. Think outside the box! Most of all … have fun.

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Every Day Solutions for a Small Closet

A small closet is a reality in many homes with a little creativity and everyday items a small closet can be organized into a dream closet.


The first step to dealing with a small closet is the most obvious step. Get rid of some of some of the clothes. Start with packing away seasonal items that are not currently needed. Rotating out your seasonal clothes takes some time but it is time well spent.


Find a way to use wasted space. Is there empty space above your hanging rack? Adding a shelf for clothes that are not worn as often but still in season. Look at the bottom of your closet. Is there empty space for fabric crates or stack-able buckets for small light weight items?


How you hang and fold your clothes can make a difference in how much space you can squeeze out of a closet. More then pair of pants folded properly can fit on a single hanger. Investing in hangers that fit more then a single shirt is always an option. In addition, Don’t forget the back of your closet door. Hanging a clear plastic shoe holder can also be a sock holder.


The key as always is be creative, think outside the box, and get rid of what you don’t use.


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Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Summer is coming and so are the kid’s time off from school. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or child care provider having some rainy day activities planned is always a good idea.


Have a bucket of rainy day toys! These are toys that only come out when the weather prevents them from doing something outside. Be creative! Fill it with blankets for a living room fort, puzzles, special crafts, play dough, and any other toy that will keep them busy.


Get messy! Rainy days are going to be messy anyway so embrace the mess. Get out the finger paint and hang a long strip of paper across the coffee table. Get in the kitchen and make something yummy! Try a science experiment and ignore the mess.


While having children on electronics all day is never a good thing some electronic time is ok. Try to make them educational if you can. Join in and have a Dance off with them. Get a special movie for late in the day or right after lunch.

Brother's Watching TV

Mostly remember be creative and be patient. The rain will pass.


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Simple Dishes for BBQ’s

Summer is here which means BBQ’s, picnics, and other outings that require you to bring a dish. This season is also busy for many people and having a few recipes that are easy to throw together at the last minute is always a good ideas.


Fruit Salad: While fruit salad seems plain it is an easy “go to” dish that every loves. The best thing is the ingredients are every day ones that are usually already in your kitchen. Seasonal fruit that is on sale  also means that the dish is an inexpensive dish to make.


Box Desserts: Don’t feel like you have to make desserts from scratch. Keeping box mixes for cakes, cookies, and quick breads is always a good ideas. Stock up on canned frosting that holds well in the heat. Keeping cooking times down to a minimum in the summer is always a good idea.


Crock Pot Recipes: Investing in a small crock pot is a smart move. There are many wonderful recipes that can be thrown in a crock pot and left. The side benefit is the crock pot can double as a serving dish!


Summer is a season that is meant to be spent with family and friends. Cut down the time you are in your kitchen and increase the time you are with the ones you care about.


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Ways to Hide Home Technology In Your Home Office 

Nowadays, technology is very important in our daily lives especially when it comes to security, comfort and entertainment. However, blinking lights, wire jumbles, and metal boxes that often symbolize new technology into our home offices often take over the intended feel and look of our homes. New technology might make our homes lose their original feel. Therefore, it is advisable that you hide the technology in your home office to create and retain cleaner and more comfortable appearance. For you to enjoy the limitless benefits of modern technology as well as keep the aesthetic look of your home office, here are four tips that will surely help you salvage the appealing look of your home from technology without surrendering the convenience of technology marvels.

Dexter Series

Keep your tech hidden behind closets. This way is best for creating a small home office when you have a limited space in your home. All you need to do is hide your technology, such as computer monitors and printers or tower behind your closet, especially when they are not in use. Hiding unused printers and computer monitors behind in your home office will not only create more space in your small home office but also help enhance the looks of your small room. Also, you can also go for an Amish made office chair this chair will make you feel relaxed at you home office after spending a lot of time at work as well as giving your office great looks.

East Village Series

Computers, printers, and televisions in our homes come with a lot of cabling that may cause inconveniences and discomfort in our home offices, as well as take a lot of space making our homes not so relaxing. However, if you want to avoid the inconveniences caused by cords, use cord holders and cord cables to keep cords in your office in order. Also, you can opt for a solid wooden desk, with drawers that will enable you keep your cords when they are not in use this will help you hide technology in your home office for more comfort and appearance.

Olde Century Credenza & Optional Hutch

Don’t be afraid of introducing custom storage equipment in your office this will ensure you get the best storage system to keep all of your electronic items. For example you can get solid wood bookcase for keeping your files to promote your office tidiness. Amish made office for you keep your routers, computers and printers and any other technology items when they are not in use this will enable you hide technology in your office. By doing this you be able to keep your technology concealed as well as maximizing storage space in your home office.

Artesa Leaded-Glass Barrister Bookcase

Blend your home technology with your home environment. This is one of the greatest ways of not only transforming your home office into a calm living environment but also hiding your home office tech. If you cannot hide technology in your office try blending it with your home office environment, this will make your cabling, routers and other technology assets look like your office environment and hide their ugliness giving your office a better appearance and good environment for work.

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Why You Need a Pool House

A pool house is a very useful structure that is overlooked by many. Having an outdoor enclosure ,such has a pool house, not only increases the beauty of your outdoor space but provides many useful functions.

Vinyl Rectangle Pool House Cabana

Providing an enclosed outdoor space for guests to change into and out of swim clothes decreases the amount “wet” people running through your home.  Wet floors are annoying and unsafe. In addition, it keeps the outside outside.

Cedar Rectangle Pool House Cabana

A pool house provides storage for pool and swimming supplies. Having a dedicated space for drying towels and wet swim clothes keeps thing simple. Also, a pool house provides a place for pool chemicals and other cleaning supplies that can be kept near the pool and out of reach on young children. An outdoor structure will give you a place to store your patio furniture and garden decor along with pool supplies when the seasons change.

Cedar Octagon Pool House Cabana

A pool house is an investment that has many uses and adds to the value of any home.

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